XiFin LIS and Dolbey Fusion Narrate: Break Free from the Keyboard with High Accuracy Speech Recognition

Physicians, pathologists and laboratory technicians rely on laboratory information systems to manage their workload and streamline the operational efficiency of the laboratory. However, they are often still tied to their keyboard when it comes to documenting sample descriptions, observations, test findings, and diagnoses. Accurate speech recognition is one of the latest tools to drive higher per FTE case throughput in the lab.

As strategic partners, XiFin, Inc. and Dolbey and Company, Inc. are working together to better meet the current needs of high-complexity, high-volume laboratories. XiFin LIS is now integrated with Dolbey’s cloud-based voice recognition solution, Fusion Narrate® powered by nVoq™. This valuable combination of integrated technologies provides physicians, pathologists, and lab technicians with speech recognition capabilities enabling voice commands and seamless dictation of case findings and other observations with a high degree of accuracy.

Pathologists, in particular, gain many advantages using speech recognition. They can more easily review slides and input diagnoses into XiFin LIS hands-free. Fusion Narrate has a shortcut builder that lets users put together a sequence of repeatable actions into a single voice command. The shortcut is given a name in the system, and then any authorized user can run the shortcut with just their voice. Shortcuts can streamline the diagnostic process from start to finish. Users can create and share voice shortcuts to automate a sequence of LIS actions such as:

1 – Logging in and navigating to specific locations within the application

2 – Dictating free text or inputting pre-defined macros using shortcut voice commands

3 – Ordering additional stains

4 – E-signing reports and moving quickly to the next case

Within XiFin LIS, Fusion Narrate eliminates “click fatigue” and dramatically increases case throughput. Users can harness the power of their voice to dictate, insert template text, open and search a website, or navigate through a patient case with ease. Fusion Narrate includes pre-built voice commands, such as cassette labeling commands, navigation commands, and formatting commands to make hands-free dictations even easier. XiFin and Dolbey were brought together by forward-thinking mutual customers who realized how integration and automation within the laboratory environment is necessary to reduce costs and increase both capacity and revenue.

To learn more about the integration of XiFin LIS and Dolbey Fusion Narrate click here.

Posted by Joe Nollar

AVP of Product Management at XIFIN, Inc.

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