All-in-One Speech Recognition

Accurate, Flexible, and Built to Last

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Add proper names, acronyms, and other custom terms for more accurate recognition.

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Quickly and easily record a series of keystrokes or actions to be replayed with a voice command.

Why Fusion Narrate?

Veterinary vocabulary mode
More time for patient care
Cut daily documentation time by 25%
Document faster with more details
Works with any application (including PIMS and Word Processors)

Wherever you work

Office, Clinic, Home

PC or Mobile Devices

One license, one profile, log in anywhere

However you work

Self-edit, send-to-editor, or a combination of both.

Compatible with nearly any veterinary software.

Whatever works for you, Fusion Narrate can do!

Easy to work with - Exceptional support - Untethered - Undemanding

The Dolbey Difference

Reliability so good we guarantee it!

Is unplanned downtime interfering with your workflow? Fusion Narrate offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and an impressive record of meeting it, month after month. Contact us for more information.

"Fusion Narrate's Vision Click™ feature is quite amazing in the fact that we can screen capture any kind of button or anyplace that we would click and add that into a shortcut. Instead of our doctors needing to find a very complex or hard to find area of the chart, we can have a shortcut open it for them."

- Family Medicine Physician

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