Text Expansion

Quick Keys

Fusion Narrate provides keyboard-driven text expansion functionality through Quick Keys, which can activate Insert Text shortcuts - or any type of shortcut.

Fusion Narrate - Quick Keys and Text Expansion

Text expansion tools at your fingertips

Text expansion or Quick Keys can be used wherever you can place your cursor and type. Text expansion makes it possible to complete documentation with fewer keystrokes, especially when combined with Fusion Narrate shortcuts or text templates.

By combining a text template shortcut with a Quick Key, you'll be able to insert a text template with your keyboard, then navigate and complete the template with your voice.
Quickly access shortcuts with Quick Keys

Build Quick Keys for any shortcut

Fusion Narrate lets you automate any action with the shortcut builder tool - then activate those shortcuts with voice or Quick Keys. Quick Keys can be set for all types of Fusion Narrate shortcuts - from Insert Text to Vision Click - and can even activate multi-action shortcuts.
EHR Compatibility

Use with any EHR or health application without restriction

Fusion Narrate offers non-restrictive, non-vendor-defined integration with most EHRs/EMRs, RIS/PACS, LIS, EDIS, Microsoft® Office applications, or nearly any other application.

Wherever you place your cursor, Fusion Narrate will place the text; just drop the cursor and dictate!
EHR Compatibility

Document faster

Spend less time in the EHR and focus on what's important: patient care.