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Nothing is more important than accuracy in the medical practice. See how Jeff Pavell, DO has had success with Fusion Narrate, allowing his team to leave with all charts done correctly and legibly.

Upgrade to more accurate speech recognition software.

Get more time for patient care.

Keep your focus off the mouse and keyboard with voice commands.

Get exactly what you want out of your speech recognition.


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$216,000 annual salary
260 working days per year

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Get started right away - you can even use your phone as a dictation device!

Immediately integrate Fusion Narrate with your EHR, LIS, RIS, or other applications.

Self-edit speech-recognized dictations in real time or send directly to your transcription staff to review.

Stay connected wherever you go.

Save space on your devices with less than a 15 MB download.

Keep your information safe.

Guaranteed Reliability

Guaranteed reliability

Is unplanned downtime interfering with your workflow? Fusion Narrate offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and an impressive record of meeting it, month after month.

Fusion Narrate Desktop or Mobile

Simplify your workflow

Speech enable any application with Fusion Narrate. Build voice shortcuts to speed up what you're doing, wherever you are - you can even use your phone as your microphone.

Recognized by KLAS

Dolbey's exceptional support, flexible solutions, and strong customer relationships have been consistently recognized by users in annual KLAS Research surveys. Fusion Narrate has received the highest user score in the KLAS Speech Recognition: Front-End EMR Segment from 2020 - 2022.

In the KLAS Speech Recognition: Front-End EMR Segment Highlight report, Fusion Narrate received the highest overall score. See why Dolbey's relationships and ongoing support stand out in a summary of the results.

Dolbey KLAS overall Vendor Score: 91.8

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