Integrated Cloud-Based LIS Workflow and Speech Recognition for Pathology

As strategic partners, XiFin and Dolbey are collaborating to enable more efficient workflows for physicians, pathologists, and lab technicians at high-complexity, high-volume laboratories. Speech recognition and voice commands through Fusion Narrate make seamless dictation of case findings and other observations, hands-free navigation, and automation of LIS actions possible within XiFin LIS.

Read more about how XiFin and Fusion Narrate work together to reduce click fatigue and increase case throughput.

See Fusion Narrate in action

Watch how speech recognition and work automation can speed up and become an active part of a pathologist's workflow in these brief demonstration videos of Fusion Narrate within the XiFin LIS software.

Hands-Free LIS Workflow

With Fusion Narrate speech recognition and voice shortcuts, documenting case findings and other observations can become more flexible and allow for more automation within the laboratory environment.

Fusion Narrate Integration with XiFin LIS

Achieve a fully voice-activated pathology workflow with Fusion Narrate and XiFin LIS.

Pathology Speech Recognition

Accurate speech recognition with pathology dictionary.

E-sign Reports

Review and electronically sign reports hands-free to quickly move to the next case.

Browser Automation

Build voice shortcuts with even more precision and speed.

Why Fusion Narrate?

Flexible reporting
Cloud-based convenience
Hands-free workflow
Built-in navigation commands
Easy to work with - Exceptional support - Untethered - Undemanding

The Dolbey Difference

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