Dragon Medical One vs. Fusion Narrate: Comparing the Cloud-Based Speech Recognition Platforms

To help you get a better understanding of which speech recognition solution best fits your company, we’ve put together a comprehensive Dragon Medical One vs. Fusion Narrate comparison. In this article, we’ll provide a Dragon software comparison against Fusion Narrate to show what they have in common as well as the unique offerings of both.

Dragon Medical One vs. Fusion Narrate


Both Fusion Narrate and Dragon Medical One are available on desktop and mobile, with support for both iOS and Android. Fusion Narrate also offers iOS and Android speech keyboards. Both support XCOPY and MSI installation methods for desktop installation and allow users to opt-in to auto-updates from the cloud.

Fusion Narrate also has a Mac-compatible alternative, Say-It from Dolbey. Installation for Fusion Narrate is web-based and doesn’t require local admin rights; it also has a small footprint with a <15 MB install. Dragon Medical One also has a relatively small footprint with a 60+ MB install.


Advanced speech recognition solutions, including Fusion Narrate and Dragon Medical One, allow you to record keystrokes and save them as a shortcut. These shortcuts can run a sequence of multiple steps involving keystrokes, opening an application, or delaying the next step. In other words, you can create voice-enabled macros to quickly perform tasks on your desktop or phone.

Fusion Narrate allows you to create voice commands using image capture and fast searching, known as Vision Click. This makes it possible to press a button or perform a task on different screen sizes. Fusion Narrate has built-in pathology commands that allow for advanced numbered list formatting for specimen labels. There are also built-in commands for controlling the application you are dictating in, whether that be an EHR, a web browser, or a word processor.

Fusion Narrate also allows customization options like multi-step shortcuts, AutoIt scripted shortcuts, VBScript based shortcuts, configurable function keys on the microphone to use shortcuts, and sound shortcuts with text to speech. Administrators in Fusion Narrate can configure and test voice commands without a license. This means IT professionals can manage organization and individual users’ shortcuts on both client and console.

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Customization options

Both Fusion Narrate and Dragon Medical One allow users to configure microphone buttons, as well as a foot pedals. Several foot pedals and microphones – including tabletop, headset, and wireless microphones – are compatible with both speech recognition solutions.

Fusion Narrate also gives users the ability to configure their microphone, function key, and various other settings – it also allows admins to set defaults or configure these settings for a division or group. Alongside this, Fusion Narrate offers integrated and customizable tablet controls.

Fusion Narrate customization options don’t just stop at shortcuts. You can also customize display settings with multiple user interface themes, the ability to show a preview of the recognized text, and support for transparency display settings.

You can also set Fusion Narrate to spell out small numbers, automatically adjust your microphone recording level, and self-edit more easily with drop-down option boxes with free text and multi-select in your active speech window.

Information security and support

Both Dragon Medical One and Fusion Narrate are cloud-based speech recognition solutions. As cloud-based solutions, both have support for running as a Citrix application with USB microphone and running over RDP with USB microphone. To ensure security, both Dragon Medical One and Fusion Narrate offer trusted authentication and LDAP authentication integration.

Fusion Narrate makes it possible to securely cache credentials, synchronize the logged-in user with another application, and send technical support a message from within the application. Fusion Narrate also offers a built-in internet bandwidth tester.

Nuance’s Dragon Medical One alternatives

Nuance’s Dragon Medical One is a leading cloud-based speech recognition software for healthcare – but there are cheaper, more dynamic alternatives to Dragon Medical One. If you’re looking for Dragon Medical One alternatives, the best option on the market is Fusion Narrate powered by nVoq.

Fusion Narrate is an excellent speech recognition solution and a powerful alternative to Dragon medical dictation. If you’re looking for a new speech recognition solution or a Dragon Medical alternative, consider Fusion Narrate. To learn more about Fusion Narrate, you can contact us or try it out with a 14-day free trial.

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