Fusion Narrate with Virtual Desktop Software

Fusion Narrate can be utilized on Mac devices through virtual desktop software, such as Parallels. This software allows users to operate Windows-exclusive applications, such as Fusion Narrate, on Mac OS within a virtual desktop.

Access all features of Fusion Narrate cloud-based speech recognition on a Mac with a virtual desktop window.

Fusion Narrate can fit directly within your workflow through customization options and an adaptable shortcut builder.

Maintain HIPAA compliance by utilizing a healthcare speech recognition solution on a Mac.

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Mobile Dictation App for iOS

With a Fusion Narrate license, you'll have access to Fusion Narrate Keyboard, which allows for secure dictations directly into mobile EHR applications.

Dictate directly into healthcare applications from an iOS device.

Leverage real-time Fusion Narrate cloud-based speech recognition.

Work and transfer information securely with encryption over WiFi or cellular networks.

Fusion Narrate Keyboard seamlessly integrates with most mobile EHR applications.

Use substitutions for abbreviations, proper nouns, or other words to quickly dictate.

No storage of keyboard strokes, voice dictation or recognized text on your iOS device.

Fusion Narrate Keyboard App on a Mobile Phone


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