Discover the AI-Powered Future of Medical Practice

SOAP Health and Fusion Narrate now offer you a groundbreaking, clinically validated solution that will bring joy back to your practice and forever enhance the way you practice medicine. Move away from time-consuming, labor intensive, and exhausting documentation processes and embrace a new era of faster, easier, and more accurate patient care.

With SOAP Health and Fusion Narrate, you can become more flexible in documentation and make more money in less time with better care.

See Fusion Narrate and SOAP Health in action

Observe how AI-powered speech recognition can become an integral part of your clinical workflow in this demonstration of Fusion Narrate within SOAP Health's platform.

In this demonstration, a provider completes a typical patient encounter by referencing and transferring information from the patient's SOAP Note, activating voice shortcuts, and utilizing speech recognition.

Save 2+ Hours Per Day with SOAP Health and Fusion Narrate

SOAP Health partnered with Fusion Narrate enables more complete office notes in a fraction of the time.

Why Choose Fusion Narrate and SOAP Health?

  • Increased Revenue: Produce more medically sophisticated notes leading to higher CPT codes and optimized billing, boosting your profits. Increase STAR ratings.
  • Time Saved Daily: Reclaim 2+ hours per day, freeing you to focus on your wellbeing.
  • Enhanced Patient Care: Elevate service quality with precision diagnostics and tailored recommendations, ensuring exceptional patient outcomes.
  • Reduced Liability Exposure: Identify risks and problems earlier when interventions are easier and better for your patients.

Ready to try it out?

Start recording your dictations accurately with our easy-to-use platform, Fusion Narrate.