Speech Recognition - Fusion Narrate

Fusion Narrate® powered by nVoq™ is a cloud-based speech recognition solution with exceptional accuracy. You can use your desktop, iPhone or iPad to dictate directly into any application. Simplify the documentation workflow with Dolbey’s flexible features, including Fusion Narrate CAPD™ and the shortcut builder tool.

In the 2020 KLAS Speech Recognition: Front-End EMR Segment Highlight report, Fusion Narrate received the highest overall score. In 2021, Fusion Narrate received the second highest user score in the same category, scoring only below another Dolbey speech recognition solution, Fusion SpeechEMR®. View a breakdown of the 2020 report here.


•   Customizable Vocabulary and Substitutions
•   Built-in Medical Specialty Dictionaries
•   Wireless Microphone for iOS and Android
•   Accuracy Optimization Service (AOS)
•   Application Virtualization (Citrix and VMware) Support
•   On-Screen Controls for Touch-Screen Devices

"My personal experience with the Dolbey Team in their training with my staff on the Fusion Narrate product has to be one of the best technical implementation experiences we have had to date. Everyone we have met with from Dolbey has been very professional, quick to respond to our calls, very patient in their training with my staff, accommodating to our needs and schedule, and they have met if not exceeded my expectations in meeting my staff's needs."

- Edward L Brush, M.S.PT ATC/L, Director of Rehab Services

Computer-Assisted Coding - Fusion CAC

Fusion CAC™ is designed to enhance the manual process of coding and CDI by automating code suggestions at the point of document creation. Fusion CAC looks at more than just a single document - it looks at the entire chart and is able to make code suggestions supporting ICD10 codes, CM diagnosis codes, PCS Procedure code and CPT Codes.

Fusion CAC KLAS Category Leader


•   Coding Automation
•   Audit Tools
•   Notifications of Late Arriving Documents
•   Query Functionality
•   ICD-10 CM/PCS
•   Automatic Running DRGs
•   Management Reporting

Clinical Documentation Improvement - Fusion CDI

Fusion CDI™ is an extension of Fusion CAC that improves documentation with the power of artificial intelligence. The synchronized review in Fusion CDI will guide your Documentation Staff toward the charts that need attention. Fusion CDI helps CDI specialists and coders to collaborate within one system.


•   Dynamic Concurrent Workflow
•   Reconciliation Workflow
•   Custom Query Opportunity Indicators
•   Coder/CDI Collaboration Tools


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