Utilizing Virtual Scribes and Front-End Speech Recognition for More Accurate Reporting

As strategic partners, ScribeEMR and Dolbey collaborate to provide the best solution to meet each provider's needs. Speech recognition and voice commands through Fusion Narrate allow for flexible, accurate reporting within any health application. ScribeEMR offers remote medical scribes that utilize bi-directional audio within a practice's existing telemedicine application to work within the EMR during a patient visit, enter data, ask questions, track quality measures, and have charts ready immediately for review.

When used at the same healthcare organization, Fusion Narrate and ScribeEMR can offer more flexibility and ensure that providers are using the dictation method best suited to their individual needs.

Pathology Speech Recognition

Accurate speech recognition with 15 specialty-specific dictionaries.

Fewer Clicks

Keep your focus off the mouse and keyboard with voice commands.

Browser Automation

Build voice shortcuts with even more precision and speed.

Why Fusion Narrate?

Flexible reporting
Cloud-based convenience
Hands-free workflow
Built-in navigation commands
Easy to work with - Exceptional support - Untethered - Undemanding

The Dolbey Difference

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