Speech Recognition and Voice Shortcuts within Practice Fusion

Fusion Narrate allows providers to interact with Practice Fusion more efficiently and with greater ease. Utilize front-end speech recognition and customizable voice commands to improve your workflow experience and spend less time in the EHR.

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Accurate, customizable speech recognition.

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Dictate directly into any field within Practice Fusion.

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Automate repetitive tasks with custom voice commands.

See Fusion Narrate in action

Watch how speech recognition can become an active part of your workflow in these brief demonstrations of Fusion Narrate within Practice Fusion.

More Efficient EMR Navigation with Fusion Narrate

Fusion Narrate enables providers to make documentation more efficient within Practice Fusion by offering voice-enabled shortcuts and templates, alongside accurate speech recognition.

How to Improve Practice Fusion Efficiency with Fusion Narrate

Utilize multi-step shortcuts, including Vision Click shortcuts and Insert Text shortcuts, to quickly navigate to different sections of a progress note or other areas within Practice Fusion.

Easy to work with - Exceptional support - Untethered - Undemanding

The Dolbey Difference

Why Fusion Narrate?

Flexible workflow
Hands-free workflow
Cloud-based convenience
Built-in navigation commands
Web-based user administration

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Start recording your dictations accurately with our easy-to-use platform, Fusion Narrate.