Speech-Enabled Image Viewing and Study Completion with Fusion Narrate and MediMatrix

Within MediMatrix, Fusion Narrate can be utilized to select a study from the worklist, then enter text templates and dictate into the study with accurate speech recognition. With Fusion Narrate voice commands, providers can also navigate images hands-free with voice commands such as 'zoom' and 'measure'.

See Fusion Narrate and MediMatrix in action

Observe how Fusion Narrate and MediMatrix enable more efficient and hands-free image viewing and report completion in this demonstration of Fusion Narrate within MediMatrix.

Navigate and Complete Studies Hands-Free With MediMatrix and Fusion Narrate

Use Fusion Narrate and MediMatrix together to navigate images and quickly complete studies hands-free with speech recognition and voice-enabled shortcuts.

How Fusion Narrate and MediMatrix improve your radiology workflow

  • Increased Efficiency: Realize a more efficient workflow from opening to signing off a study.
  • Unparalleled Flexibility: Utilize Fusion Narrate within MediMatrix in a way that works for you.
  • Daily Time Savings: End your workday earlier every day with an integrated, voice-controlled radiology speech recognition solution.
Radiology Speech Recognition

Accurate speech recognition with radiology dictionary.

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Dictate directly into any field within MediMatrix.

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Automate repetitive tasks with custom voice commands.

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