Speech Recognition for Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Decision Support

Fusion Narrate and ExpertPath enable more efficient and accessible decision support for pathologists, lab technicians, and other healthcare providers in clinical environments. Speech recognition and voice commands through Fusion Narrate make it possible to dictate within an LIS, then easily reference and navigate ExpertPath hands-free.

Pathology Speech Recognition

Accurate speech recognition with pathology dictionary.

Voice Search

Search ExpertPath with your voice, by selecting dictated text or directly within the ExpertPath search bar.

Browser Automation

Build voice shortcuts with even more precision and speed.

See Fusion Narrate and ExpertPath in action

Observe how Fusion Narrate and ExpertPath allow you to formulate a differential diagnosis more efficiently through custom voice commands in this demonstration of Fusion Narrate within ExpertPath.

In this demonstration, a provider dictates a microscopic description, then selects a segment of the dictation to search within ExpertPath. The provider is then able to view a full document related to that segment and jump to the relevant section.

Formulate Your Differential Diagnosis More Efficiently With Fusion Narrate and ExpertPath

Fusion Narrate makes it easy to search ExpertPath by simply selecting a segment of text and performing a voice command.

Why Fusion Narrate and ExpertPath?

  • Increased Efficiency: Quickly reference ExpertPath for decision support with the use of Fusion Narrate voice commands.
  • Daily Time Savings: End your workday earlier every day with an integrated, voice-controlled pathology decision support system.
  • Screen Locking: Never lose your place when dictating or referencing ExpertPath through the Fusion Narrate screen lock feature.
Easy to work with - Exceptional support - Untethered - Undemanding

The Dolbey Difference

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