Fusion Narrate 4.0

More customization options and efficiency tools!

The latest version of Fusion Narrate allows you to create more dynamic shortcuts and further improve your documentation workflow.

What's New in Fusion Narrate 4.0?

Insert Text Shortcuts

Dynamic Insert Text Shortcuts

Insert Text shortcuts have received several new and improved features in Fusion Narrate 4.0.
    Edit font type and size accessible in toolbar
    Insert instructional text for use in the Speech Window
    Improvements to Date/Time functionality for more simplified shortcut creation
    Improved conditional logic for more dynamic Insert Text shortcuts
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Improvements have been made to the speech window for a more simplified dictation workflow

Speech Window Improvements

Several features have been added to the Speech Window for a more simplified dictation workflow. Fields that are required before the Speech Window can be completed are now displayed in red, you can now preview the final output prior to exiting the Speech Window mode, and you can now display the name of the first Insert Text shortcut used to help users identify which shortcut is active.

Improvements have also been made to how 'Next Field' and 'Previous Field' shortcuts are performed while recording. This includes using microphone buttons mapped to Next Field and Previous Field shortcuts.

Import or Export Shortcuts to Fusion Narrate

Import/Export Shortcuts

Individual shortcuts, or groups of shortcuts, can now be exported from and imported into Fusion Narrate. This allows users to easily share shortcuts within their organization or across devices.
Automate web tasks with web browser automation

Browser Automation

Browser Automation shortcuts can now be optimized to run as quickly as possible, adding delays only when necessary. New Browser Automation shortcuts will automatically be optimized, and Browser Automation shortcuts created before Fusion Narrate 4.0 can be optimized from the shortcut editor.

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