Fusion Expert

On-Premise Speech Recognition for Radiology

Speech-to-text software with a radiology context.

Highlight and queue incomplete dictation reports.

Why Fusion Expert?

Report prioritization
Radiology-specific vocabulary
Integration with all major PACS and RIS
Insert linked routines while recording
Single user profile for all locations and modalities

Accurate, Customizable, and Built to Last

Fusion Expert received its third Best in KLAS award in 2021 for Speech Recognition: Front-End Imaging. Fusion Expert received a notable performance mention in this year's Best in KLAS report, as 100% of surveyed customers agreed that Dolbey avoids charging for every little thing and keeps all promises.

Click here to view the full Best in KLAS Software & Services 2021 report.

"Dolbey is super responsive. They have a teaching philosophy. They don't just fix the things that we need to have fixed. They explain what is going on and how our other systems integrate with Fusion Expert. Dolbey's responses are really quick and thorough. Dolbey doesn't kick the can down the road and tell us to wait for the next upgrade. They offer updates that need to be run."

- Director, September 2020
Provided By KLAS Research

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